Notice about Long Term Booking Plan on MBC Online Booking System

Dear valued Long Term customer,

As you know, we are switching to an online booking system in order to resolve many problems with the previous management. After many comparisons, we have chosen the current system. This is a very mature booking management system that is widely used in sports venues across Australia.

Why deposit and how much is it:

Like almost all online booking systems on the market, it is based on the pre-payment principle. That is to say, normally all bookings must be made after credit has been bought. This is no problem for ordinary single-booking customers. However, our long-term customers have a lot of bookings in a week, so we understand it may be very stressful to pay for all the Long Term bookings in advance.

After full discussion with the system provider, we found a way to reduce your stress. As long as you pay a deposit that can cover the maximum fee of any day in a week, the system can allow you to book directly without buying credits. The deposit will be in increments of $50 to keep it as low as possible. For example, if you have three day’s long term booking in a week and the maximum fee of each day is $135, your deposit should be $150.

The services you can get:

By this way, you are equivalent to paying only 1-7 days in advance, and you can enjoy our following services:

  1. Our staff will lock the next 10 weeks of Long Term bookings for you every 4 weeks to ensure that your needs will not be booked by the public.
  2. All these booking fees do not need to be paid in advance like ordinary single-time booking customers. You can buy credit and pay on the spot, which is the same as before.
  3. You have enough time to confirm, check, cancel, and add bookings before the time is opened to the public.
  4. Your Long Term needs are stored separately in the system, and will not be changed with the addition or cancellation of certain time periods, which is convenient for you to better management on your time schedule.

Booking Cancellation Policy:

We can only set a single cancellation time in the system, so we set it to 24 hours. However, as previously notified, you have many courts and time. If you cancel many courts or time at the same time, it is not enough for us to rent it out in 24 hours. So if your cancellation more than or equal to 3 courts*hours, you need to cancel 48 hours in advance.

In this case, if you cancel your booking more than 24 hours but less than 48 hours in advance, although you can automatically get a refund through the system, MBC reserves the right to require you to pay the fee.

Long Term adjustment method:

In order to provide more courts to the customers who actually need to use the course regularly, as previously noticed: If you cancel your Long Term bookings twice in a row, MBC reserves the right to adjust them.

Participation methods and handling of non-participation:

If you agree with our plan, please pay the deposit by cash or bank transfer before March 24. If you pay it by bank transfer, please fill in your email address in the reference and notify our reception. After we got it, we will deposit it into your account within 24 hours, and you can see it in your account.

The bank account information:

Account Name: Eastern Continental Pty Ltd

BSB: 063 225

Account Number: 1059 2060

Please also let us know ASAP if you decide not to continue with your previous Long Term bookings. If no feedback is received within the time limit, we will deal with it as you no longer need the Long Term bookings. In this case, we will still keep your previous Long Term bookings until April 9th, please continue to execute them before that.

Quit Method

If you participate in our plan, you may quit any time in the future by informing us at least two weeks in advance. We will return you the deposit.

MBC reserves the right of final interpretation of the policy.

The online booking system is very important for us, and it is the only way for us to move towards the modernization of management. After that, you no longer have to worry about the troubles caused by many human errors. Long Term customers are our VIPs, we try our best to think for you, give you better experience, and hope you can also support us with it.

Thank you so much.

Best regards

Melbourne Badminton Centre


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