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There are so many ways to access MBC! We are located at 6-16 Joseph Street, Blackburn North. It is a 15 to 20 minute car or bus ride from the Melbourne CBD via the M3 freeway. If you are taking the bus, you can take the 907 bus towards Mitcham from the Melbourne CBD, and get off at the Middleborough Road exit. From there, it’s a quick 5 minute walk to the courts.

MBC is open from 8:00am – 11:00pm, 7 days a week.

MBC is open all year around! Please follow our twitter announcements account for venue and opening/closing updates.

We have several ways to help newcomers get started in badminton!

Equipment Hire

  • We offer racquet and shuttle hire if you book a court with us, please have a look at our rates.


  • We facilitate various beginner-friendly social for people looking to meet different people and play casually, please visit our socials page.


  • We have several training sessions for beginners, please contact us for any training related enquiries.

Badminton is an indoor sport, and therefore require indoor sports attire and shoes.


  • You will need a badminton racquet and plastic/feathered shuttles to start playing. Not to worry if you don’t own one yet, we offer racquet and shuttle hire at our on-court Pro Shop, please have a look at our equipment hire rates.


  • Normal athletic/sports wear is fine.


  • Badminton shoes are ideally suitable when playing on MBC court mats.
  • Squash, volleyball and other indoor court shoes can also be alternatively used as suitable footwear.
  • Avoid using runners and outdoor shoes to prevent any ankle injuries.
  • Black-soled shoes are BANNED as it is prone to leave black marks on the courts.

We have a wide range of apparel and equipment at our Pro Shop. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly MBC staff for recommendations on suitable equipment!

Court Hire

Please contact us directly by phone to enquire on court bookings and other related queries.

MBC currently offers casual bookings for both peak and off peak times. Please visit our court bookings page for all up-to-date information on court bookings.

Our current peak times are from 5pm onwards on weekends, and are all day on weekends and public holidays. For detailed information on court hire prices, please visit our pricing page.

To discuss long-term bookings, please call us to chat with our lovely staff.


Socials are a way for you to play badminton without having to find a group and hire a court. You can join other social players in playing matches by simply paying an entry fee, and it is a great way to play and meet new people! For more information on schedules and skill levels, please visit the MBC socials page.

There are different clubs running badminton social events every night, with varying skill levels. For more information on schedules and skill levels, please visit our badminton socials page.

As there are various different clubs running badminton social groups throughout the week at MBC, there are several ways to join these sessions. Keep up to date with badminton social updates.

There are socials running on each day of the week, which cater for all sorts of levels. More information can be found on our socials page.

Definitely! Please get in contact with us by leaving a message, and we’ll get back to you to discuss schedules and availabilities.

Badminton Shop

Yes, we are an official reseller of major badminton brands, including Yonex, Victor, RSL.

We sell the following range of badminton equipment:

  • Sports bags
  • Apparel
  • Badminton shoes
  • Racquets
  • Shuttles
  • Racquet accessories

We also offer full stringing services in-store, please visit the equipment store page for pricing and other information.

For a beginner, the most important equipment is:

  • Appropriate sportswear apparel (e.g. shorts, shirt)
  • Racquets and shuttles – available to purchase at the venue
  • A pair of indoor court shoes and a slim sole (preferably badminton shoes), with no black soles. Squash or volleyball shoes are suitable alternative footwear.

We also offer full stringing services in-store, please visit the equipment store page for pricing and other information.

Yes, we offer racquet and shuttle hire at our Pro Shop, just ask our friendly staff what it is you need and we will accommodate your session!


MBC hosts many casual and competitive competitions throughout the year individually and partnering with other societies and organisations.

Some of the competitions held at MBC include:

  • 2022 CNY Women’s Double Team Competition
  • 2021 猫东方杯 Men’s Double Team Competition
  • 2021 Inter club friendly
  • Melbourne Badminton Centre and Badminton Connect Friendly Match

We also regularly host Grammar School AGSV badminton competitions, as well as cater for after-school training. Please get in touch for more information and stay updated with our Facebook page for competition announcements.

Please keep up to date with MBC’s Facebook page for competitions and how to enter, or leave us a message so we can get back to you.


MBC sponsors a range of badminton schools and clubs, please leave a message and we will reach out to you with more information.

MBC offers a range of clubs and private coaches that regularly coaches players from all skill levels and ranges. Please contact us to discuss what best suits you.

Yes, MBC is currently offering many sponsoring and advertising services. We have previously collaborated with well-known brands such as Myer, Yonex and Victor. Please visit our sponsorships page for more information, and leave us a message so we can get in contact to discuss further.

Melbourne Badminton Centre

Want to take your badminton game to the next level? Come to Melbourne Badminton Centre and train with some of the best coaches in the city.

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