Dear valued customer,

In order to solve many disadvantages such as misunderstanding, wrong operation, data loss, and inconvenience of checking and confirming, our Centre is determined to switch to online booking system to achieve internet-based management upgrade.

After a few days of research and preparation, our online booking system is expected to be launched at the end of March or early April at the earliest. Please follow our latest notifications, we will open registration and reservation at any time for everyone to use. Please do not worry if you have issues on internet using or online payment. Our reception will help you with the registration, booking and payment.

If you are our Long Term customer, you should have received our SMS to collect registration information. If you have not yet replied, please do it ASAP. After receiving it, we will help you to register your account. After successful registration, you will be notified by email. The next step is that we will lock the Long Term bookings from March 20th to the end of April. Please send a text message or directly to our reception before March 12th to provide the Long Term bookings that you currently have and are really what you need for a long time. We will reserve them for you after our confirmation. If you have not received the SMS, please contact our reception ASAP.

Failure to confirm your booking might cause the long term bookings to be cancelled. Feel free to contact our reception if you have any question.

Thank you for your supporting.

Melbourne Badminton Centre

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