Update notifications about lighting automation, etc.

Dear customer,

As promised before, we are making various improvements step by step. Here are the updates as of September 24th that we need to tell you:

  1. We have installed 3 lights at the reception, Court No. 3, and Court No. 7, which can ensure a certain brightness when all court lights are turned off, making it easy for everyone to leave the venue safely.
  2. About lighting automation:
    (1) The lighting in the arena has been automated based on the booking data. If there are no other bookings before and after, we will give 5 minutes before and after each booking, that is, turn on the lights 5 minutes in advance and turn off the lights 5 minutes later.
    (2) However, the current lighting control system cannot achieve real-time synchronization, so if you make a booking within 1 hour, it is best to send a text message to remind us.
    (3) Except for the safety inspectors entrusted by us, the lights in other courts at night will be automatically turned off at 23:05 in accordance with the above rules. In order not to affect the safety inspector’s timely return home and rest, other customers are asked to leave as soon as possible after the court lights go out. If necessary, the safety inspector has the right to request leave on behalf of us.
  3. About the lost and found
    (1) We have set up a lost and found place next to court No. 9. All general items left will be placed here. Please come here to retrieve your lost items as soon as possible. In order to keep the arena tidy, we will discard unretrieved items every two months. The date of collection and disposal are marked on the lost and found shelves.
    (2) We will keep valuable items such as rackets in the office for safekeeping. Customers who have lost items can contact us as soon as possible.
  4. We have installed two rows of hooks next to Sites 2 and 3, where you can place clothes, bags and other personal items.
  5. To take care of different people, we have divided the drinks into two vending machines, cold and room temperature.
  6. In order to make it easier for long term customers to confirm whether they need to top-up, we have optimized the system settings so the paid bookings are displayed in green and unpaid are displayed in red. If you see that they have a red booking, please top up in time.

Thank you for your attention. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to let us know.

Best regards

Melbourne Badminton Centre

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