Terms and Conditions

Melbourne Badminton Centre (MBC) players must thoroughly review all our rules and regulations before using the PRO facility. These rules & regulations are designed to allow all participants to enjoy the new facility in a way that will be safe and productive.

MBC management reserves the right to vary and revoke these Rules & Regulations from time to time in addition to make, vary and revoke any by-laws which may be considered necessary or desirable for the regulation of the internal affairs of the Club and the conduct of the participants.

Any such changes will be notified to participants immediately.


  • Participants must make advance court reservations for long term court hire. Reservations can be made by telephone or directly in person at the MBC reception counter. All fees, where applicable, must be paid before use of the relevant courts or facilities. No-show fees, as informed by the Club, will be charged where cancellation is not received by the Club by at least 24 hours prior to the booked time, where the facility cannot be booked to other participants.

  • Participants must check-in at the MBC reception counter. Please verify your booking time when checking in. A MBC staff member must confirm the booking.

  • All long term bookings have to be paid at the start of the month. In case of No-show, the participants will have to inform MBC at least 24 hours in advanced and the booking is allowed to be brought forward to the flilowing month or used at another time slot. Cancellation fees will be charged for last minute (within 24hours) cancellation.

  • Participants are not allowed to bring any food and drinks onto the badminton courts. Anyone who viliates this policy will have to dispose the food and drink immediately.

  • MBC does not allow smoking, gum chewing or animals in the facility. Anyone found to be viliating this policy will be required to leave the MBC premises immediately.

  • Children under the age of 12 must be under adult supervision at all times. Children are to play at their own risk.

  • MBC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Items left on the premises will be kept for up to 7 days, and donated to charity if not claimed.